Kathy Sungkaluxsa

Kathy Sungkaluxsa

Bosch Kitchen

The Process
Sketch, Chalk Rendering, Added Textures in CGI, Finalized Retouching in Photoshop.

Miami – The design solution includes a contemporary mix of elegant walnut cabinets and Arizona tile split face tavertine. It’s an uncluttered juxtaposition of old-world and high-tech materials.

Chicago – A combination of traditional materials with the clean streamlined lines of Bosch appliances. The soft off-white perimeter cabinets keep the feel light and are a great companion for the dark cherry island and banquette cabinets.

New York – Contemporizing an old loft with Bosch’s advanced technology and seamless integration

San Francisco – Victorian kitchen balanced with new technology and elements of original architecture.

Print Ads

Website development and app design.

Bosch engineered a completely new kitchen system—modern, sleek and flush appliances that seamlessly work together aesthetically and functionally. Our task was to help launch the new Bosch Kitchen, the company’s biggest and most important launch ever in North America.

Through a collaborative process, we built products and professionally designed kitchen environments, creating one-of-a-kind CG imagery that looked completely photographic in every detail. I was heavily involved with the initial development, retouching and finalizing the kitchens after they were rendered.

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